Happy Easter

Sorry that I can’t make a post on either blog, sadly I’m dragged into Easter activities with my family and I have an essay due on top of that by Wednesday.

So be safe, eat a lot, and find plastic eggs…you eggs.


I’ve never worn a bow before except on my tail…

((Bless the era where I drew nothing but magic girl outfits with lots of bows.))

*slams into a wall*

I totally embarrassed myself during my presentation, but prepare for an Undersong update and maybe a simple Aerial update.

Also, can someone tell me how to put posts in a button thingy? Gotta do that for all 1,022 old posts plskillme.

Why is Aerial not available for prom?

Because drawing pony prom for two ponies is too much since I have end of the semester stuff to do and I’m procrastinating like the lil crapper I am.

Plus Aerial’s not one for dresses and dancing. And I don’t have faith in whomever asks her to draw their part of it.


Hey guys, I’m nearing the end of the year projects and essays for college so both blogs will be on hold til Wednesday at the earliest. Hope you understand!


Here, have a sketch. Gonna go to see a movie at my college then I got a paper and 2 powerpoints to do so updates will be slow on both blogs hnng.


This is my sister, Treble Hoof by the way.

((That’s my friend that I took under my wing as a lil sister ages ago and she’s made a pony blog! Ask her stuff so she’s stops reblogging on her page :Y))

Only reblogging this one more time here, after that, you gotta follow Undersong if you wanna see more adventures in music box land.

My birthday’s the 29th, turning 20, can’t use the fact that I’m a teen as an excuse anymore. I might do a birthday comic or animation on here for shiz and giggles after I finish the animation I’ve been holding off since Christmas, sorry jordgubbsburk for being a lil shiz, if you want something else, just message me mmkay? @ v @;;


Fixing them is rare so making them is where most of my revenue comes from. Couples come in all the time to make music boxes of their “songs”.

((I hate that my program doesn’t have a curve line tool //creys for forty years))

Hey nerds, here’s that side blog I was talking about and look! It’s not done in MSPaint. I wish it was though HNNNG.



OHHHHH. I’m gonna play URF mode on League instead of updating just to spite all of you!



Tell us the blog or I will find you and touch your butt without your boyfriend's permission!

My butt is MY space, you ask ME if you can touch the butt first and foremost before asking the secondary general manager of my butt aka my boyfriend.

And eh, it’s not like anyone pays attention to what I say anyway:


Here’s a top tier hint of my new pony blog, I took out her name though, HEH.
I used a G2 MLP:Friendship Gardens pose for her ref pic because classics.

Here’s a top tier hint of my new pony blog, I took out her name though, HEH.

I used a G2 MLP:Friendship Gardens pose for her ref pic because classics.