((We are currently 2 years in the past before she met her S.O. so yeah.))

Since people wanted to know the results of the audition, well…I had to drop out because the shows in December were conflicting with the dates I was semi-moving, a test run move, to Arizona. You’d think a theater would be earlier with the dates since people are gonna be visiting family by that time. Lil annoyed they made me continue trying out after they pulled me aside about the dates, but didn’t say anything to me, but hey-

They said I would’ve gotten a major part like Fem!Scrooge if I was available for those dates.

END OF M!As-Sorry if I didn’t answer your question asdfghjkl

END OF M!As-Sorry if I didn’t answer your question asdfghjkl

Storyline button now up

It’s just a lil skeleton about what’s gone down on this blog for the past 2 years. I haven’t been able to really dive into the storyline because of…reasons *stares at you lot* It’s really basic and I’ll update it now and then.

Also, I updated the complaint box button as well so it just redirects.

And if you ask me to do anything, I’ll just tell you…I don’t do anything!

Also, best pony?!:OOOO

((If you get the reference, you had a childhood of subliminal Christian theistic messaging, but it was ok because talking vegetables.))

Sorry for no updates today! I was auditioning for A Christmas Carol at a local theater ;v;

Have a doodle of Aerial and Voo:Y Now to nap!

Have a doodle of Aerial and Voo:Y Now to nap!

PSA to say that Modpon and Pierrot/Looking Glass are separate entities. The differences are that modpon has glasses, an earring, and doesn’t have the facial markings. Reason I’m bringing this up is because Pierrot is making her entrance in this 2 year ago flashback arc soon.

Also, I will have a story button up sometime this week that will have a short text post of the story thus far because, trust me, it’ll be shorter than reading my entire blog.

An adwolt!

((Which I can’t wait for because misspelling things is agitating my inner grammar nazi))

I need ta be a piwite to make my gweat gweat gweat gwandstallion proud!

((I see that parrot just sitting still then randomly squawking.))

((I saw the chance and I took it.))

Pst, heads up, the M!A thing is ending soon because my boyfriend is moving his big booty and actually drawing his part of the update! So no more M!A questions, plsnthanklolbye.